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I am the first and most obvious person to shout from the rooftops how much I love breakfast. Scratch that! I am the first person to shout how much I love a hot breakfast!

The whole idea for this article ironically, came from a debate I was having with my father recently. They have come down to visit, and along with my in-laws, we had gone out for lunch. We sit down, we get talking, and the menus come out, and I see “All Day Breakfast.” My decision is made.

Everyone else orders, and they come to me, and I order the lot! Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, spinach, sauce, beans and hash browns. Along with the mandatory thick toast and a coffee. My father says to me, you can’t have that now, its lunch, to which I answer “I could eat this for dinner.”

To cut a long story short, as obvious as the word breakfast is; to break ones fast, did you know that the word dinner doesn’t mean what you think it does!

c. 1300, “first big meal of the day” (eaten between 9 a.m. and noon), from Old French disner“breakfast” (11c.), noun use of infinitive disner (Modern French dîner) “take the first meal of the day,” from stem of Gallo-Roman *desjunare “to break one’s fast.”

Dinner – Online Etymology Dictionary

So according to my research however, the internet says that a Full English Breakfast consists of:

  • Sausages:
    Really I think this comes down to personal preference on your sausages. Many English people seem to love a Cumberland sausage, but by all means you can use any you like! I’ve seen it done with chorizo, or even black pudding!
  • Bacon:
    Now one thing that I would say here, is that your bacon has to be smoked! It just has to. The bacon in the UK is just so much better, mostly because they produce amazing pork, but please please have smoked bacon.
  • Eggs:
    Pretty easy to understand, but I’d say you have to go poached or sunny-side-up.
  • Tomatoes:
    These really are just beautiful roasted. Quarter them, and either sear them in a pan, or throw them in a hot oven for about 10 minutes. I’d say the big difference is how many people you’re cooking for.
  • Mushrooms:
    Some people hate these, but I absolutely love them. Simply throw them into a hot dry pan, let them brown without oil, then throw in a knob of butter and some garlic to finish them off.
  • Toast:
    It needs to be some proper bread. Either make your own loaf from scratch, or go out and get a proper loaf of bread, a good sourdough or something!
  • Beans:
    Now you can make your own here. I think that is a bit harder than it looks though, I’ve been working on my baked beans recipe for over a year now and I am still not happy. But a good tinned version is really what you’d get in a cafe in the UK, so why not use it.
  • Spinach:
    Some simple wilted spinach. Some people hate it, and I’ve seen some people say that it ruins it, but I simply have to have some greens on my plate.

So before you head out for breakfast, think about giving this a go at home. Might be better than you think, and you can do it this weekend and stay in those PJ’s.

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